Land Use Consent – To Extend Dwelling Coverage

For the construction of this family home land use consent was needed to build a dwelling with 35.11% coverage and carrying out earthworks over 68.72% of the site. Cheal planners assisted with providing affected parties documentation, advice on Development Contributions, writing and lodgement of the application together with JT Architectural Design plans for the proposed dwelling.

The dwelling was unique as it was designed to house the extended family together with two kitchens bathrooms and lounges, with shared laundry facilities.

Post construction, Cheal Planners also assisted with the interpretation of the Taupo District Council SUIPS (Separately used or inhabited part) policy, whereby the occupants were the owners and therefore this policy did not apply. This determination reduced the cost of rates that the owners pay each year.

Cheal worked with the client and their architect to meet their needs and achieve the required consents in an efficient and timely manner, as well as providing additional assistance with policy interpretation.

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