Taupo Heights Development – Huka Falls Road, Taupo

Cheal has been involved in development work on a site known as Huka Falls Resort since the 1980’s. Throughout that period the property has been subject to several development proposals, the latest of which is currently under construction for Taupo Heights Development Ltd.

With Cheal’s professional input Taupo Heights has obtained a Resource Consent for development of the remainder of the property. The residential development makes good use of Urban Design elements such as rear lanes, shared use roadways, low impact stormwater design corridors enhanced with landscape features and noise bunding.

Taupo Heights has previously completed the development of two stages comprising 28 sites. The development of the remaining 49 sites is currently underway and is programmed for completion late in 2017.

Cheal’s input has been multi-faceted. Initially we assisted our client with feasibility so that the scale and nature of development could be identified. Cheal Planners obtained Resource Consents.

Cheal Engineers have designed infrastructure and services and have administered contracts to see the design through construction to completion. Cheal Surveyors have completed the Land Transfer surveys so as to complete the legal definition of various stages of subdivision. Cheal has managed the entire project; coordinating various sub-consultants including traffic designers, landscape architects, urban designers, lawyers, civil works contractors and valuers. Cheal has provided comprehensive services to enable our clients to achieve their development objectives.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Cheal’s commitment and energy into helping achieve a good outcome” – Taupo Heights Development Ltd

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