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Cheal has the expertise for a successful subdivision project. Our planners are happy to manage the resource consent stage for you. This includes any approvals required such as land use consents from district or regional councils and consents under National Environmental Standards.

Our team of experts keep abreast of changes to requirements so you can be certain that you receive up to date information and advice on the requirements and costs involved with subdivisions — whether it be a two lot urban subdivision or a large scale subdivision creating new neighbourhoods. Larger scale subdivisions may require additional services and reports such as civil engineering and landscape assessments. Cheal planners will manage these services for you and undertake consultation with affected parties.

Several recent examples of successful projects:

  • Subdivision for Neil Construction and the subdivision for Wharewaka East Limited.
  • Subdivision for Locheagles Stages 3 & 4
  • Subdivision for Seven Oaks stage 1
  • St Pats Road and Housing NZ


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