Boundary Surveying

If you need your boundary defined so that you can accurately build a fence or want to subdivide your property, we provide comprehensive and cost effective surveying service.

Cheal has a long and proud history of surveying property boundaries dating back to 1940. Working within the energy, infrastructure, land development and Maori asset development sectors, we use advanced technology in survey equipment and software to ensure the work we do meets the standard required by the crown, and is done in the most cost effective way.

Our surveyors are licensed to carry out boundary surveys which include defining the position of existing boundaries, or creating new boundaries through subdivision. As land tenure in New Zealand is guaranteed by the Crown, all our surveyors have vast knowledge of the specific laws and rules that have been set up to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the system. These laws ensure there is clear ownership of the land with the area and boundary positions guaranteed.

We have experienced licensed cadastral surveyors who oversee all boundary surveys and complete cadastral survey datasets. These are lodged with Land Information New Zealand to record placement of boundary marks.


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