Locheagles Development – Kinloch, Taupo

The village of Kinloch stands as a testament to the clear foresight of former New Zealand Prime Minister, Sir Keith Holyoake’s magnificent early vision. Sir Holyoake co-purchased the bare land now known as Kinloch during the 1950s. Locheagles subdivision is one of the latest developments, designed to create additional living environments within this tranquil village.

Locheagles embraces extensive bush restoration throughout its ultimate development of over 200 landscape driven sections, an extended walkway network, stormwater management areas, and overlooks the existing village, new commercial village for the Kinloch valley. New house sites are nestled within this framework, supporting the verdant living environment.

Cheal has been responsible for ensuring the completed subdivision achieves the environmental outcomes envisaged by the developer, the urban designers and landscape architects. This has resulted in innovative and creative design solutions for road access and particularly stormwater collection, management and discharge systems.

A coordinated system of individual stormwater catchments within the development was constructed to detain stormwater and enhance water quality off the site, resulting in an environmentally-sustainable development that attests to the original vision of Sir Holyoake.

Last week saw the start of the final stage of subdivision construction at Locheagles, which will complete a development of 250 lots. Cheal director Phil Rielly first started work on the project in 2003.

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