Food Processing Plant – Equipment Scans for Upgrade Project

Our client has been tasked with replacing and retrofitting new food processing plant equipment at a large manufacturing facility. The existing plant in-situ is old and poorly documented in respect to the as-built position on the manufacturing floor. The accurate XYZ position of the plant is important to our client.

Much of the new equipment is manufactured to specified dimensions at an overseas facility. The timeframe for replacement of this equipment is short so there is no time to make modifications should new equipment fit incorrectly when installed.

The Cheal scanning team used our terrestrial laser scanner to scan the existing food processing plant together with the building structure and building fixtures that may interfere with the new design. From the captured ‘Point Cloud’ data an accurate Solid CAD Model of the existing features is prepared and sent to the client for their design team. The output file type is compatible with the clients Solidworks software platform.

The absolute survey with our scanner of the existing plant and preparation of an accurate 3D CAD model enabled our clients design team to retrofit and replace with 100% confidence. The job ran smoothly without any issues meeting the plant operators limited shutdown period.

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