UAV (Drone)

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – commonly known as a drone) offer many benefits compared to more traditional surveying methods. Not only do they save on time (and therefore cost of a job), they are an ideal tool for hard to access sites such as quarries, landfills and unstable slopes. A single drone can survey a vast area while keeping our employees out of harm’s way and allowing a site to continue operating undisturbed. Cheal is a CAA Part 102 company, signifying a level of quality, excellence, and adherence to the rigorous CAA standards.

Our clients are utilising drones across a range of activities, including project planning, site mapping, volume calculations, progress-tracking, inspections and more. The on-board cameras provide high definition imagery. They deliver crisp, high resolution photos that show degradation or faults. We can create geo-referenced point clouds and orthomosaics to produce the correct outputs in a file format that is compatible with our clients’ software. We work closely with our clients to help them find the best solution for their project.

Examples of work include:
  • Aerial Surveys for volumes of earthworks
  • Aerial Surveys for volumes of stockpiles
  • Aerial Surveys to get DTM (Digital Terrain Model) and orthomosaics (on big sites, with access issues) for the engineering design of future land development and infrastructure projects
  • Aerial Surveys for volumes in landfills
  • Monitoring of progress in construction sites and aerial survey at different stages
  • Capture of orthomosaics as support for boundary definition
  • Roof and structures inspections
  • Progress-tracking for clients who are working remotely from the site
  • Aerial Survey around power stations for structures inspections, DTM (Digital Terrain Model) and orthomosaics
  • Aerial Survey in areas with dense vegetation to determine canopy shape and elevation
  • Photos, videos, and spatial data of slips and landslides
  • Aerial mapping to detect native vegetation to identify areas of potential planting


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