Cheal and McCracken Surveys Join Forces


We are delighted to announce that on 1 July Cheal joined forces with Hamilton-based McCracken Surveys. This is an exciting development in the evolution of both companies.

The McCracken Surveys team has been proudly serving the Waikato region in Land and Engineering Surveying and Planning for over 26 years. During that time, they have built a solid reputation based upon precision, quality workmanship and sound advice.

Dave McCracken has joined Cheal as the Hamilton Regional Manager and a Shareholder in the Company, bringing his entire team with him. Cheal does the same type of work that McCracken Surveys has always done and a small job is just as important to us as a large-scale development. Cheal offers additional services that compliment Surveying, so don?t be afraid to pick up the phone and talk to us, we?re not that scary!

For all Engineering enquiries, contact Anthony Moss on 027 475 5884. For all Planning and Surveying enquiries, contact Dave McCracken on 027 493 6918.

McCracken and Cheal logos

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