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Urban Design – Taupo District Council

This project was three years in the making with the client, Taupo District Council. A major land acquisition was undertaken by Council to obtain land to facilitate a State Highway 1 bypass around Taupo.

The balance land left over from the bypass parcel was re-zoned as Unserviced Residential and is now referred to as the East Urban Lands (EUL).

The EUL site has many redeeming features: aspect to sun and views, gullies for use of stormwater management and open space, and proximity to town. As a signatory member of the Urban Design Protocol, Taupo District Council has set out to develop the subject site through a master plan approach based upon sustainable design principles. A primary aim of this project is to set a higher standard of residential development within the District.

A joint venture between Cheal and Common Ground Studio in Auckland led to the development of the EUL Master Plan and approval of Resource Consent. The Consent allows for a mixed use development of up to 2,200 residential units and 18,500m2 of commercial gross floor area.

The completed built form will include at source storm water filtration systems and a road reserve layout, including wide shared paths which aim to minimise vehicular use and promote alternative forms of transport. Extensive planting and open space allocation will give rise to a high amenity environment for residents.

All project management, planning and engineering aspects related to EUL was carried out by Cheal. This included extensive stakeholder consultation with parties such as the New Zealand Transport Agency, Landcare, Environment Waikato, and the Department of Conservation.