A Dedication to Phil Battersby

A Dedication to Phil Battersby

25 April 1957 – 5 June 2023

Phil Battersby

Phil Battersby

Laurie Cheal, the founder of our company, was still alive and well when Phil Battersby graduated from Otago University in 1984. Laurie employed Phil as a Surveyor and the rest, as they say, is history. Phil became a Partner and then Director when Cheal became a Limited Liability company in 1997.

In 2001, Phil underwent a heart transplant. A huge undertaking for a mere youngster in his 40’s, but Phil was also incredibly tenacious, and he was soon back in the business with restored vigour. Over the years we all were amazed at how well and active he was. To the point where we thought Phil might outlive us all!

During his involvement in the business, there were some tough times, but Phil was constantly an inspiration. Phil was regularly perceived as actually being “the Business”. He was so passionate about everything he did. He was a real “ideas person”, prepared to take things on and then worry about the details later. He was very focused on outcomes for his clients and encouraging his employees to challenge themselves, to push their boundaries in order to develop as professionals.

He was particularly interested in technology and was certainly an early adopter. Surveyors are regularly seen buying “toys” for the business – Robotic Total Stations, GPS’s, Scanners, Trackers, Drones. It is Phil that drove such innovation and he can be credited with establishing the company’s reputation as a leader in adopting such technology.

Phil was a very caring man. Amidst the flurry of activity around his latest passion he was also able to show real empathy for those around him. He was extremely generous as an employer, as an associate and as a friend.

In 2019 Phil made the difficult decision to retire early and spend more quality time enjoying life with his treasured family. We are so pleased that he made this call and seeing him pack so much into the following 4 years.

Phil sadly passed away on 5 June 2023 after succumbing to cryptococcal meningitis. His family have asked that those who knew him consider donating blood or having conversations with their family members about organ donation, something which gave Phil and his family, another 22 fulfilling years.

All at Cheal feel privileged to have worked alongside such a great man and his loss will be felt by many.

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