Scott Holdsworth
Strategic Property Project Manager
Taupo District Council

I have been professionally involved in the New Zealand property industry for the last 19 years including property management, marketing, project management property development and real estate sales.

Cheal Consultants are a Taupo based multidisciplinary company providing engineering, planning and surveying services with a solid reputation in the community over many years. Their structure is sound and the result is very proactive directors always seeking ways for improvement.

Since 2006 Cheal Consultants have been working with the Taupo District Council led East Urban Lands (EUL) Master Plan development. The EUL is a large scale project over 190 hectares and expected to be implemented over the next 20 years. It is predominately a residential development of varying densities and typologies with differing commercial components throughout. One focus of the EUL is creating communities that encourage cycle and pedestrian use and reducing the dominance of the automobile. This is achieved through shared paths, cycle ways and the way streets are designed. In Taupo it sets a very high standard of subdivision development without rival and should also make its mark on the rest of the country.

Cheal Consultants have demonstrated their ability to build effective working relationships with organisations such as the New Zealand Transport agency, Department of Conservation and Environment Waikato which has been essential in achieving consent for the EUL.