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Bruce Hodgson
Project Manager
Mighty River Power

Cheal Consultants have provided professional services for health and safety, civil, surveying, geotech and project management in the development of Mighty River Power’s geothermal site at Ngatamariki, 15 kilometres north of Taupo, New Zealand.

In all of the above professional services, Cheal Consultants have met and exceeded Mighty River Power’s service agreements. Cheal Consultant’s ability to respond to Mighty River Power’s challenging site needs, seven days a week and on call, has been exceptional. Their ability to adapt to Mighty River Power’s business ways and systems has allowed Mighty River Power to discharge many of its services previously the sole domain of Mighty River Power

Cheal Consultants have engaged many Contractors on behalf of Mighty River Power. While these contractors have been contracted separately to Mighty River Power, Cheal Consultants have developed and managed a cohesive construction team supporting site services to our drilling and testing rigs, minimizing downtime and subsequent costs. I would recommend Cheal Consultants as a client representative knowing that at all times, your interests will be well looked after.