Geothermal & Energy

Cheal provides expertise across the disciplines of Engineering, Surveying, Health and Safety and Environmental Management for the Geothermal and Energy Sector. Located in central North Island, the heart of New Zealand’s geothermal zone and the hub of hydroelectric development, we have extensive experience and refined processes covering many aspects of the energy industry.



Civil Engineering 

Provision of energy specific civil and geotechnical engineering services including asset erosion control, reservoir and de-watering pond design, flood modelling, project management, canal maintenance, dredging management, sediment budgets and roading and infrastructure.

Geothermal Drilling Consultancy

Cheal has led the design and construction management of an extensive drilling program across New Zealand’s Taupo and Eastern Bay of Plenty volcanic zone for many years. Services include; civil feasibility studies, geotechnical assessments, well siting, pad design and preparation, tender documents and procurement, project management, construction supervision, water management, access design, hydraulic assessment and modelling, and hydrological catchment assessments. 

Geothermal Environmental Management

In an ever changing regulatory environment, Cheal provides a conduit between the client and regulatory authority representatives across a range of civil works and environmental monitoring within the energy sector. Services include; pre design environmental assessment of proposed development locations, design and implementation of sediment and erosion control plans, environmental assessment and reporting of contaminated locations, sampling of drill cuttings from abandoned well pads and design and supervision of remediation projects.

Geothermal Site Health and Safety

Cheal is committed to the enhancement of Health and Safety (HSE) performance for its clients. Understanding the changing culture of health and safety in the work place, Cheal works closely with all levels of our clients’ organisations to provide leadership and develop effective relationships in HSE. Our commitment is to achieving a safe working environment through the implementation of efficient and practical processes. Services include; complete geothermal energy project HSE establishment and management, site specific safety management plans, hazard and risk assessment management, contractor HSE management, site and project inspections and audit, process improvement advice, site specific inductions, accident and incident reporting and setting and tracking key performance indicators.

Laser Scanning

Cheal provides fast efficient data capture for design and modelling in 3D. This leading edge technology collects massive amounts of data over complex structures or surfaces in very short time frames. The technology is used for dam face and crest surveys, draft tube as-builts, steam pipe as-builts, deformation modelling, tunnelling, mining surveys, airport runways and buildings, as-built refits for ships as well as existing buildings and high rise commercial blocks, as-built data for archival record and set out of complex structures.

Steamfield Engineering

Civil and structural design of geothermal steamfield developments including grading design for the pipe corridor, stormwater design for the resulting corridor, culvert and bridge structures where conflicts occur, retaining or fill embankments as required, foundation design for steam pipes and the design of service roads and their stormwater controls.


Specialist survey services including; laser scanning, engineering survey for power station and infrastructure setout, deformation monitoring, erosion monitoring and hydrographic survey.


Wairere Falls Power Station - King Country Energy

Wairere Falls Power Station - King Country Energy

King Country Energy engaged Cheal to provide a 3D CAD model of the existing turbine installation, penstock component, and the draft tube including the confined cavities underneath the turbine building at the tailrace. Traditional survey methods to capture data in order to build a CAD model of this complexity is extremely time consuming and subject to human error. For this complex work Cheal Surveyors used our FARO Focus3D Laser scanner to collect the data.... more

Sediment Disposal Area - Genesis Energy Ltd

Sediment Disposal Area - Genesis Energy Ltd

Dredging of the Rotoaira Canal and deposition of the resulting silt is an on-going issue for Genesis Energy’s Tongariro Power Scheme. Cheal has assisted Genesis Energy in this area for over 15 years through survey monitoring of sediment levels in the canal as well as engineering services.... more

Wairakei Steamfield Laser Scanning - MB Century

Wairakei Steamfield Laser Scanning - MB Century

The Cheal Survey Team was engaged by MB Century (New Zealand) to provide a ground model and pipe model of a geothermal flash plant located at the Wairakei Geothermal steam field in Taupo. This data is to be used for the design of a new pipeline to run adjacent to the existing plant. ... more